Trat City Night & Fun Run 2024

The Night Run competition in Trat province, themed “Experiencing the Charm of Trat’s Local Art,” highlights the small but richly endowed easternmost province with its abundant natural resources, convenient roads, comfortable airport, popular tourist spots, excellent community, distinctive food, famous fruits, and a slow-life ethos amidst an old-town ambiance full of intriguing stories.

Trat boasts even more hidden charms, including “Hidden Art: The Charm of Trat’s Locale,” inviting everyone to immerse themselves in the appreciation of diverse artistic emotions. It’s more than just a trendy check-in spot for youths; it’s about transforming perspectives, expanding thoughts, with each piece imbued with spirit and inspiration, crafted by artists in multiple dimensions and styles, offering new viewpoints beyond what the eye can see, with quality works located in Trat province.

When and Where Is the Trat City Night & Fun Run in 2024?

Nestled in the heart of Thailand’s eastern province of Trat, the Sa Sisiat Reservoir will become the vibrant hub of community and fitness on March 30, 2024, hosting the Trat City Night & Fun Run.

This event is more than a race; it’s a communal celebration of health, unity, and the joy of movement, welcoming participants of all skill levels. As evening falls, the landscape will glow, setting a breathtaking backdrop for a journey of both physical endurance and communal harmony. Runners will experience the exhilarating blend of competition and camaraderie, surrounded by the beauty of Trat’s natural landscapes, under a canopy of stars. This unique event not only fosters personal achievements but also strengthens community bonds, encouraging a collective spirit of giving and support beyond the race itself.

Race distance: 7.7 km

What Time Does the Race Start?

At 7 p.m., the commencement of the race transforms the scene into a spectacle of light and sound, with runners adorned in neon, moving in harmony with the backdrop of live music. The course encircles the reservoir, showcasing the natural splendor of Trat through stunning views of the lake and countryside, enhancing the sensory experience of the runners.  As the participants set off, they’re not just running; they’re moving through a living canvas painted with vibrant lights and echoing with the melodies of the night. The course becomes a gallery of experiences, each turn revealing a new vista bathed in illumination, each stride accompanied by the soundtrack of nature and festivity. The landscape, adorned with an array of lights, guides runners through a sensory journey, while the air vibrates with the energy of live music, crafting an atmosphere of euphoria and encouragement.

Start Time:  7 p.m.

Can Anyone Join the Race?

The race this year is limited to 600 runners only, registration is now open, so be quick before the places sell out and you miss the fantastic opportunity of a lifetime.
Registration fee: 399 baht
What you get: Shirt + Medal

Trat City Night Run Shirt

Trat City Night Run Medal

What Are the Race Categories and Prizes?

There are 4 race categories and prizes up for grabs to the fastest runners this year.

  • Top 3 male below 17
  • Top 3 male above 18
  • Top 3 female below 17
  • Top 3 female above 18

Trat City Night Run race categories

Trat City Night Run race trophy

How to Get to Trat City Night & Fun Run

To attend the Trat City Night & Fun Run, participants will likely travel to Trat Province, located in eastern Thailand. While specific directions depend on your starting point, Trat is accessible via road, air, and sea. Flights from Bangkok to Trat Airport offer a quick option. By road, buses from Bangkok’s Ekkamai and Morchit bus terminals to Trat are frequent. For those near coastal areas, ferries connect to Trat’s islands, offering scenic routes. Once in Trat, local transport options like taxis, songthaews, and motorbike rentals can help visitors reach the Sa Sisiat Reservoir, the event’s location.

  • From Bangkok: You have options such as flying directly to Trat Airport, which is the quickest but also the most expensive option. Buses are a more economical choice, taking about 5-6 hours for the journey.
  • From Pattaya: There are no direct flights, so the bus or private car hire would be your main options. The trip can take around 4-5 hours by road.
  • From Krabi and Phuket: First, you would need to fly or take a bus to Bangkok, and then connect to Trat by another flight or bus. This route involves multiple legs and can be quite time-consuming, making it the most complex and potentially expensive.

For each of these routes, the difficulty level is generally low to moderate, depending on your travel experience and comfort with transfers or waits. Costs and travel times are subject to change, so please consult a reliable travel operator or platform for the latest information.

If you attended last years race and have photo’s you want to share or additional information you think will help other runners, please let us know via our contact page.  We are happy to post your photo’s and tips.

Trat, a gem in eastern Thailand, is celebrated for its cultural richness, friendly inhabitants, and breathtaking natural landscapes. The province, with its charming traditional villages, offers a glimpse into a lifestyle deeply rooted in Thai customs and heritage. Trat’s vibrant culture is best experienced through its festivals, culinary traditions, and local markets. The province is also the gateway to the stunning islands of Koh Chang, Koh Mak, and Koh Kood, each offering unique attractions from pristine beaches to lush rainforests. The warmth of Trat’s people, their way of life, and the natural beauty make it an unforgettable destination for those seeking an authentic Thai experience and a unique running experience.