About Us

Hello, we are Aidan & Rosamund, travel bloggers from the UK. We started blogging in 2015 to share our experiences and help others.

On What To Do In we share our travel experience and tips, so you can get new ideas about your next vacation, travel destination or just a short weekend escape.

We have travelled to over 40 countries, many of them multiple times, so it is safe to say that everyone will find something interesting to inspire their next adventure.

We are very lucky, for the last 24 years we have run a small SEO agency which has allowed us to compliment our love of travel with our love of ranking websites and helping brands grow.

As technology and internet connectivity has improved so has our ability to work from anywhere.  Typically this means we work 8 hour days but start early, have a break in the afternoon to enjoy ourselves, and are back at work again for a few hours in the evening.

Over the last 20 years we’ve worked with brands from a whole range of countries and sectors to create vibrant content that helps raise awareness and creates growth.  We advise on, create and deliver campaigns that have a positive, measurable impact and create meaning as well as eyes on the page.

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