How to Get to Corralejo from Fuerteventura Airport

Corralejo is a town on the north coast of Fuerteventura that is very popular with tourists, especially those from the UK. El Matorral Airport (code FUE) is located on the east coast, about three miles (five kilometres) south of the capital, Puerto del Rosario. It is the only international airport in Fuerteventura. Corralejo is approximately twenty-five miles (forty kilometres) from the airport by road. If you have booked a package holiday, you will probably already have an airport transfer. If you are travelling independently, several options are available to get to Corralejo from Fuerteventura airport.

Corralejo beach, Fuerteventura
Corralejo beach, Fuerteventura

There are five ways to get from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo. They all vary in price, and some journeys will be longer than others. To help you choose the best option, we have created a table with estimates of how long it will take to get to your accommodation and how much it will cost.

Journey Time Cost One Way
Taxi 30 – 40 mins €48 – 53
Bus 1 – 2 hours €4.80
Car Rental 30 – 40 mins (plus 30 mins @ office) €15 – €28 a day
Shuttle 1 – 2 hours €8.07 – €13.38
Transfer 30 – 40 mins €100 – €150+


A taxi is one of the easiest ways to travel from Fuerteventura Airport to Corralejo. As you exit the arrival hall, the taxi rank is directly in front of you. The taxis are white, so they are easy to spot. Whenever we have been at the airport, there have always been several taxis waiting, with more arriving continually. The taxis can accommodate four adults. If you have a larger party or a lot of luggage, you may have to wait for a minivan, in which case it would be advisable to book your taxi in advance.

Taxis from Fuerteventura airport charge using a meter, and there are two tariffs. Weekdays between 06:00 and 22:00 cost €0.55 per km, with a minimum charge of €3.15. If you are travelling on a weekday from 22:00 to 06:00 or on a Sunday or festival day, then the price increases to €0.63 per km, with a minimum charge of €3.45. With the airport supplement of €1.70, a typical taxi ride from Fuerteventura Airport to Corralejo will cost between €48 and €53.00 and will take about 30 to 40 minutes.

One thing to be aware of when taking a taxi in Fuerteventura is that each municipality operates its own taxis. This means that if you see a taxi from Corralejo dropping passengers at the airport, they will not be able to pick up new passengers. This is because the airport is in the Puerto del Rosario municipality, and Corralejo is in the La Oliva municipality.

La Oliva municipality sign, Fuerteventura
La Oliva municipality sign, Fuerteventura

The first time we got a taxi from Fuerteventura airport was in the early 1990s. We were on our honeymoon, and it was our first visit to Fuerteventura. We’re not sure what happened, but our driver went to Corralejo instead of taking us to Caleta de Fuste. Thanks to my habit of researching as much as possible before travelling, I realized we were in the wrong place. Aidan managed to communicate the mistake to the taxi driver, and thankfully, he had a printout with the address of our accommodation.

By the time we had retraced our steps and got to the correct destination the taxi meter was displaying a scarily large number. It was more money than we had with us in cash and it would have left us without any money to buy food. We tried to explain and several locals joined in to help with translation. Once he understood our driver cancelled the fare on the meter and only charged us the cost of the taxi fare from the airport to Caleta de Fuste.

By the time we retraced our steps and reached the correct destination,, the taxi meter displayed a scarily large number. It was more money than we had in cash, and paying it would have left us without any money to buy food. We tried to explain, and several locals joined in to help with translation. Once he understood, our driver cancelled the fare on the meter and only charged us the cost of the taxi fare from the airport to Caleta de Fuste.

We have taken many more taxis in Fuerteventura over the years and have always found the drivers friendly, efficient and professional. Taxi drivers in Fuerteventura tend to take pride in keeping their taxis clean and tidy. They do, however, drive fast, but they will happily slow down if you ask.


  • There are always taxis right outside the airport
  • You will be dropped directly at your accommodation


  • More expensive than other options
  • Taxis will typically only accommodate four adults and a couple of suitcases

Contact details

Telephone: (+34) 928 85 02 16


Fuerteventura has an excellent bus service, and it is possible to travel all over the island by bus. However, to get from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo, you have to change buses as there is no direct route. TIADHE runs all the buses on Fuerteventura. The bus stop at Fuerteventura is directly outside the airport, near the exit from the departure hall.

You can’t book tickets in advance or online, so you must have cash to buy the ticket on the bus. There are two ATMs in the airport, one in the departures hall and the other in the arrivals hall, if needed. You don’t have to buy a return ticket as they are no cheaper than buying two singles. If you do ask for a return ticket, you may get a surprised look, as most passengers just get a single. If you are planning to travel around Fuerteventura by bus during your stay, it is worth getting a ‘Bono Card’. This is a card for tourists that gives you a 10% discount on bus fares. You can buy them from the bus driver for €5 and top them up on the bus.

Puerto del Rosario sign
The Puerto del Rosario sign

The first bus you will need to get is Line 03, north to Puerto del Rosario (not south to Caleta de Fuste). This bus runs every 15 minutes during the day, Monday to Saturday, between 09:30 and 17:15, then every half an hour from 07:00 to 09:30 and 17:15 to 21:30, but then reduced to an hourly service from 22:00 to midnight. You are on the bus for eight stops, and you get off at the bus station in Puerto del Rosario, which is the end of the line. Line 10 and Line 16 also go from the airport to the bus station, but they run very infrequently and are much slower. The fare from Fuerteventura airport to the bus station in Puerto del Rosario is €1.40 (April 2024), and the journey usually takes 10 minutes.

Bus timetable Line 03, Fuerteventura
The bus timetable for Line 03, Fuerteventura

You now need to catch the Line 06 bus to Corralejo. Monday to Saturday, this bus leaves on the hour and at half past every hour between 06:00 to 18:00, with an extra bus at quarter to the hour between 11:00 and 14:00 and one at 9:15. There is just one bus on the hour between 19:00 and 23:00. The fare from Puerto del Rosario bus station to Corralejo is €3.40 (April 2024). The journey usually takes about 40 minutes.

Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario bus route 6 schedule
Bus timetable Line 03, Fuerteventura

As you can see, if you don’t have to wait too long for the Line 03 bus at Puerto del Rosario bus station, you could be in Corralejo within an hour of leaving the airport for less than €5.00. However, it could take much longer if the schedules don’t align favourably for you. Taking the bus from the airport to Corralejo is only a practical option if you are travelling light and don’t have too much luggage. If you are a large group, using a different option could work out cheaper.

There is a bus stop near Hotel Rui Olive Beach and Hotel Rui Palace Tres Islas in the dunes, and there are five bus stops in Corralejo. However, you will likely have to walk or find transport to reach your hotel or resort.


  • The bus is the cheapest option costing less than €5 per person one way.
  • The buses run regularly and are reliable.


  • You may have to wait half an hour or more at the Peurto del Rosario bus station.
  • If you have a lot of heavy luggage, you will have to get it off and on two buses.
  • You will probably not be dropped off near your accommodation.
  • You need cash to pay, and the driver doesn’t usually have change.

Contact details

Telephone: (+34) 928 85 57 26

Car Hire

Hiring a car to travel from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo is a practical option. There are plenty of car hire companies at the airport, including Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Budget, Topcar, Sixt, Payless, Cicar, and Alamo. Most companies have offices in the arrivals hall. In our experience, the offices before the exit to the arrivals hall always seem to be closed, but if you go through into the arrivals hall and turn left (away from the main exit), the offices here are open. If an office isn’t staffed, we have found that the next-door office will be covering and able to help you.

You should always book your hire car online to ensure transport is available and waiting for you when you arrive. The price is usually cheaper if you use a comparison website. However, we both like to drive, and Topcar (who we typically use) have an offer to add extra drivers for no charge if you book directly with them, which works out cheaper for us.

A hire car in Fuerteventura
One of the cars we have hired in Fuerteventura

Car rental companies will want you to take out a Collision Waiver Cover. However, this is usually very expensive and doesn’t cover you for most common issues. Instead, we have Worldwide Car Hire Excess Insurance, which we take out yearly. Our policy has no excess, covers everything (including punctures and window screens), and is much cheaper.

Although it may be a tempting offer, don’t choose the option to return the car with the fuel tank empty. The car hire company’s fuel rate will be much higher than the petrol station. We have found that petrol prices on Fuerteventura vary by only a few euros. There is a petrol station on the roundabout right next to the airport, and it is usually the same price as the petrol stations in the tourist areas.

To hire a car in Fuerteventura, you will need your passport, driver’s license (for all drivers), a printout of your booking details, and a credit card. The credit card must be in the lead driver’s name and the person who made the booking. We got caught out by this once, as Aidan had made the booking online, but we only had a credit card in my name. After half an hour and a lot of discussion, we had to use a debit card in Aidan’s name. You don’t need an International Driver’s Permit to drive in Fuerteventura as long as you are there for less than six months.

The hire cars are across the road from the airport. It is usually easy to find your vehicle, but it can be a five-minute or more walk. When it’s just the two of us, Aiden and I both walk to the car, but if we have our family with us, we sometimes leave them at the hire car park entrance with the suitcases while we locate the vehicle. Always check the car before you leave and ensure any dents or scratches are noted. We usually take a video of the inside and outside of the car as a precaution, although we have never had any issues.

You exit from the hire car park onto a road that leads to a roundabout. I have to confess that the first time we went to Fuerteventura after COVID-19, we couldn’t find our way out of the car park. After driving round and round for about a quarter of an hour, we parked, and Aidan walked around until he figured out which way to go.

You go left at the roundabout (the third exit because you drive on the left in Fuerteventura) and then follow the right-hand filter lane to join the FV-2 heading north towards Puerto del Rosario. The FV-3 will take you around the by-pass, so you don’t go through Puerto del Rosario. This road turns into the FV-1. Near Puerto Lajas, there is a roundabout where you can turn onto the FV-1 motorway (signposted Autovia). Alternatively, you can choose to drive on the FV-104, which is the old road. The FV-1 motorway is the quickest route to Corralejo. We prefer the old road though as this goes through the sand dunes and gives you great views of the coast.

A typical road in Fuerteventura
A typical road in Fuerteventura

The main roads in Fuerteventura are well-maintained and easy to drive on. They are mostly wide enough for the locals to overtake you comfortably. If you head over to the island’s east side, the roads are narrower and twist and turn as they make their way up and down the mountainsides. Apart from the main roads, there are also lots of dirt tracks that lead to more remote beaches and volcanoes. The dirt tracks are rough and bumpy, so if you want to explore Fuerteventura, consider the roads you plan to drive when choosing a car to rent.

While renting a car is one of the quickest ways to get from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo once you are under way, it may take a while to get your vehicle. The rental car offices in the arrival hall are small and usually only have one staff member on duty. If you land at a busy time or are one of the last to collect your luggage, you will likely have to queue at the office.

We have had times where it only takes ten minutes to process our paperwork, but other times it has taken longer, and we have had to wait for our turn for about half an hour. Realistically, you should be prepared to add about 30 minutes to your journey time. However, hiring a car not only means you have the use of it during your stay but also means you have no extra cost for your return journey to the airport.

While prices obviously constantly change, in April 2024, to hire a car for a week would cost around €100 a week (€15 a day) for a basic model, in the region of €150 a week (€22 a day) for a family car, and €200 a week (€28 a day) for a people carrier. You will need to add on the cost of fuel, but car parking on the island is usually free. Hiring a car to get from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo is an affordable option and practical for large groups.


  • You have transport directly from the airport to your accommodation.
  • You have the use of a car for exploring the island.


  • You will have to drive and navigate instead of relaxing while being driven.
  • It is more expensive than other options.

Airport Shuttle

If you are looking for a cheaper way to get from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo but the bus seems too much hassle, then booking an airport shuttle could be a good option. Airport shuttles are coaches or minibuses that pick you up at the airport and drop you at your destination. Since you will be sharing the shuttle with other passengers, your journey time can vary depending on how many stops you make along the way.

The best way to find an airport shuttle is through a travel aggregator website. While prices may be slightly higher as the website will take commission, it is the easiest way to compare prices. Using a travel aggregator website also means you have someone to call if there is a problem, and they are more likely to be able to arrange alternative transport than if you are dealing directly with a single company. Popular websites for booking airport shuttles from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo include:

Prices for an airport shuttle are per person, and you are usually allowed one medium suitcase and one small bag each. The bus will usually pick you up from directly outside the airport, but for some companies, you may have to walk across the car park. Depending on how full the bus is, you may have to wait for other passengers to arrive. If you are one of the first on the bus, you could have quite a long wait.

Unless you are staying somewhere a bus can not easily reach, the shuttle will drop you off close to your hotel or resort. You will have to pre-book your airport shuttle online before you go, and they will request the address of your accommodation. Personally, I would take a printout with me and double-check with the driver that he is taking you to the correct destination.

It is hard to say precisely how long an airport shuttle will take to travel from Corralejo as it varies depending on how many times it stops. A realistic estimate is a minimum of 1 hour travel time. However, you also need to allow for waiting time. The average waiting time for an airport shuttle from Fuerteventura airport is 45 minutes. The cost of an airport shuttle is fixed, and you usually pay for it when you book online. The price for one person is typically between €8.07 – €13.38 one way.


  • An airport shuttle is one of the cheapest options
  • You get picked up from the airport and dropped at your accommodation.
  • Pay on booking so you don’t need cash.


  • The journey usually take an hour or more depending on how many stops
  • You may have to wait for up to an hour for the shuttle to be full
Road through the sand dunes, Fuerteventura
The old road to Corralejo going through the sand dunes.

Private Transfer

A private transfer is the easiest and most relaxing way to get from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo. Your driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall. He will have a card with your name on it so you can identify him and he will take care of your luggage. Your car or minivan will be waiting outside the exit and there will usually be cold water bottles provided. Vehicles are air-conditioned and comfortable and so you can sit back and relax while you are driven directly to your accommodation. Of course all this convenience comes at a price and a private transfer is the most expensive way to get from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo.

The best way to book a private transfer is usually through a travel aggregator site. Alternatively you could contact your hotel and ask if they could recommend a company. Popular websites for booking a private transfer from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo include:

A private transfer can be a practical option if you have particular requirements or you a large group traveling together. Most companies can accommodate wheelchairs or mobility scooters and they will be able to provide child seats.

While it may be the most expensive way to travel from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo it is also the quickest. Your journey should take about 30 minutes depending an where you are staying. Prices for a family sized car for up to four people start at around €100, with minivans and luxury cars costing from €100 upwards.


  • A private airport transfer is the quickest option.
  • Relaxing and comfortable.


  • A private airport transfer is the most expensive option.


In recent years we have always hired a car at the airport and driven ourselves to our accommodation. Fuerteventura is a beautiful island to explore, and you need a car to fully appreciate it. While you can just stay in your resort, most of the best beaches can only be reached by car. However, if you are on a budget, airport shuttles and buses are great ways to get to Corralejo. Maybe one day we will have the budget to book a private transfer, but for now, we are more than happy to rent a car.