Can You Bring Dyson Airwrap On A Plane?

The Dyson Airwrap, a luxury hair-styling tool famous for its innovative use of air instead of extreme heat, has revolutionized the way individuals style their hair with less damage. Traveling with personal grooming devices has become commonplace, yet the specifics of traveling with these high-end gadgets often raise questions. The discussion of whether the Dyson Airwrap is travel-friendly brings into focus the importance of understanding airline regulations regarding carry-on items and electronic devices.

Since its inception, the Dyson Airwrap has quickly become an essential accessory for beauty enthusiasts. Its development promises efficient styling with multiple attachments to dry, curl, wave, and smooth hair, all using a digital motor and aerospace-inspired technology. As a result, it’s not just a styling tool but a marvel of modern design that has captured the attention of those who wish to maintain their grooming routine while traveling. The concern for travelers stems from the strict security measures and regulations imposed by airports worldwide, which are in place to ensure the safety and security of passengers. The Dyson Airwrap’s characteristics as a portable electronic device mean that it falls within a category that is scrutinized by security, making its travel compatibility a subject of interest for globetrotters keen on carrying their luxury styling tools with them as they traverse the skies.

Can you bring a dyson airwrap on a plane

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Can You Take Dyson Airwrap On A Plane?

When traveling by air, you may wonder if you can take your Dyson Airwrap with you on the plane. The good news is that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) generally allows hair styling tools like the Dyson Airwrap in both carry-on and checked luggage. However, it’s important to ensure that any accompanying liquids, such as styling products, comply with TSA’s liquids rule if they are in your carry-on. The Dyson Airwrap’s convenience and versatility make it an excellent travel companion for those who want to maintain their hair styling routine on the go. For a detailed discussion on traveling with your Dyson Airwrap, including tips on how to pack it securely and any potential restrictions, continue to the next section where we delve deeper into the subject.

Traveling with Dyson Airwrap on USA Domestic Flights

Understanding TSA Regulations for Carry-On Items

When planning to bring a Dyson Airwrap styler on a domestic flight in the USA, it is critical to comply with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. The TSA dictates what items can be brought on board in carry-on luggage. According to the TSA, most hair-styling tools, including hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons, are generally permitted in both checked and carry-on bags.

The official TSA website can offer more detailed, updated guidelines for travelers considering bringing hair styling devices on flights:

TSA Guidelines for Hair Dryers

Packing the Dyson Airwrap for Flight

  • Ensure the Dyson Airwrap is switched off and cooled down before packing.
  • Wrap the cord neatly and secure attachments to prevent them from damage.
  • Consider using the original Dyson case or a protective travel case to prevent damage during transit.

Using Dyson Airwrap at Airport and Onboard the Aircraft

  • Using electronic devices during a flight is subject to the airline’s policies, so check the specific airline’s regulations regarding the use of personal grooming devices during the flight.
  • For safety and the comfort of other passengers, it is advisable not to use the Dyson Airwrap while onboard the aircraft.

Tips for Smooth Security Screening with Dyson Airwrap

  • Be prepared to remove your Dyson Airwrap from your carry-on bag for screening if requested by TSA officers.
  • Keep your Dyson Airwrap easily accessible within your carry-on, in case TSA officers need to inspect it separately.
  • Ensure no prohibited items are packed with your hair styler to avoid delays during the security screening process.

Considerations for Checking in Your Dyson Airwrap

  • If you choose to check your Dyson Airwrap, pack it securely to avoid damage from handling and pressure changes during the flight.
  • Consider insuring your checked luggage or carry-on if your Dyson Airwrap is particularly valuable to you.

Battery and Charging Considerations

As the Dyson Airwrap does not contain a lithium battery, it does not fall under the strict regulations that apply to battery-powered devices. However, if traveling with additional battery-powered accessories or portable chargers, ensure to follow the TSA and airline guidelines pertaining to lithium batteries.

TSA Guidelines for Electronics

✔ Pros ✖ Cons
Travel-friendly, as it is lightweight and comes with a carrying case. Due to its size, it may be challenging to fit in carry-on luggage with other essentials.
Styling your hair during the trip without the need for multiple tools. Airwrap’s attachments could be flagged during security, possibly causing delays.
Allows for maintaining a stylish look throughout your journey. Using the Airwrap might be inconvenient in places with different electrical standards or sockets.
Multi-functional, serves as a dryer and styler, saving space from packing both. If placed in checked luggage, there’s a risk of the Airwrap getting damaged or lost.
Adaptable to most international voltages, which is convenient for international travel. Additional cost if you need a suitable adapter or converter for international power outlets.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) Guidelines

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) provides guidelines for passengers traveling with personal care devices such as the Dyson Airwrap. According to IATA regulations, these items are generally allowed in both checked and carry-on luggage, provided they adhere to specific safety measures to prevent accidental activation. For the most current information, it is recommended to check the IATA guidelines directly:

  • Ensure the device is equipped with a safety cover.
  • Protect the device from damage by packing it securely.
  • Check for any restrictions on lithium batteries if your device includes one.

For detailed guidelines, visit the IATA website: IATA Baggage Information.

Country Specific Regulations

When flying internationally with a Dyson Airwrap, it’s crucial to be aware of the country-specific regulations that may affect how you can travel with your device. Each country may have different rules regarding the transportation of electronic devices and batteries in both checked and carry-on luggage.

United Kingdom

  • Personal care devices are allowed in hand luggage.
  • Lithium batteries must meet specific criteria.

Refer to the UK government guidelines: UK Hand Luggage Restrictions.


  • Devices should be protected from damage and accidental activation.
  • Lithium battery-powered devices have restrictions.

For more information, visit the European Union aviation safety regulations: EU Aviation Safety.


  • Personal electronic devices are typically permitted on board.
  • Specific guidelines for lithium batteries apply.

Check the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) for details: CATSA.


  • Carry-on luggage can include personal electronic devices.
  • Restrictions on lithium batteries must be observed.

Visit the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs for more: Australian Home Affairs.

New Zealand

  • Electronic devices are allowed in carry-on bags.
  • Carriage of lithium batteries is subject to rules.

For specifics, see the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand: NZ Passengers Carrying Batteries.


  • Regulations may vary by country; check local guidelines.
  • Lithium battery rules are in place.

Consult the respective country’s civil aviation authority for precise regulations.


  • Personal electronic devices are permitted on flights.
  • Lithium batteries have specific transportation guidelines.

More information can be found at the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore: CAAS Passengers.

10 Airline-Specific Regulations for Flying with Dyson Airwrap

When traveling with a Dyson Airwrap, it’s also important to consider the regulations of the specific airline you are flying with. Each airline may have its own set of rules regarding the transport of electronic devices and accessories. Below are regulations from 10 different airlines regarding the carriage of items like the Dyson Airwrap.

American Airlines

  • Personal electronic devices are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage.
  • Lithium battery regulations must be followed.

For American Airlines’ baggage policies, visit: American Airlines Baggage Policies.

Delta Air Lines

  • Carry-on luggage may include hair styling devices.
  • Guidelines for battery-powered devices apply.

Delta’s baggage information can be found here: Delta Baggage Overview.

United Airlines

  • United permits electronic devices in both carry-on and checked bags.
  • Lithium batteries are subject to safety guidelines.

United’s baggage guidelines are available at: United Baggage Information.

British Airways

  • Personal electronic devices are typically allowed on board.
  • Restrictions on batteries must be adhered to.

Check British Airways’ baggage allowances: British Airways Baggage Essentials.


  • Lufthansa allows hair styling tools in hand luggage.
  • Compliance with battery regulations is required.

For Lufthansa’s baggage rules, visit: Lufthansa Carry-on Baggage.

Air Canada

  • Electronic devices can be carried on or checked in.
  • Lithium battery guidelines are in place.

Air Canada’s baggage information is here: Air Canada Baggage.


  • Qantas permits personal electronic devices in carry-on baggage.
  • Specific rules for carrying batteries apply.

Refer to Qantas’ baggage information: Qantas Carry-on Baggage.


  • Personal care electronics are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage.
  • Emirates has specific battery handling procedures.

Emirates’ baggage policy details: Emirates Baggage.

Cathay Pacific

  • Cathay Pacific allows electronic devices in hand and checked baggage.
  • Regulations for lithium batteries must be observed.

Find Cathay Pacific’s baggage allowance information: Cathay Pacific Baggage.

Singapore Airlines

  • Electronic devices like the Dyson Airwrap are permitted on board.
  • There are specific instructions for devices with batteries.

For Singapore Airlines’ baggage guidelines, visit: Singapore Airlines Baggage Information.

Packing Your Dyson Airwrap for Travel

The Dyson Airwrap is a premium hairstyling tool that many wouldn’t want to leave behind, especially when traveling. Here’s how you can pack your Dyson Airwrap in your luggage safely and efficiently, whether you’re taking it in your carry-on or hold luggage.

Carry-On Luggage Considerations

When packing your Dyson Airwrap in carry-on luggage, it’s important to consider the size and security restrictions of your specific airline. Follow these steps to ensure your Airwrap and its accessories are safe and secure:

  • Check Airline Regulations: Verify if there are any specific restrictions regarding hair tools in carry-on luggage with your airline.
  • Use the Original Case: If possible, use the case that came with your Dyson Airwrap. It’s designed to protect it from damage and keep the parts organized.
  • Wrap the Main Unit: If you don’t have the original case, wrap the main unit in soft clothing items or bubble wrap, and place it in the middle portion of your bag to minimize impact.
  • Organize Attachments: Keep the attachments together in a separate pouch or bag to prevent them from scattering inside your luggage.
  • Secure Loose Items: Make sure all loose items, like the cleaning brush or non-slip mat, are also safely packed within your carry-on.
  • Protect from Liquids: Ensure any liquids stored in your carry-on are sealed to avoid potential leaks that could damage your Airwrap.

taking dyson airwrap through airport security

Packing in Hold Luggage

For those who prefer to check in their luggage, here’s how to safely pack your Dyson Airwrap:

  • Original Packaging: Utilize the original Dyson packaging or a sturdy suitcase to help protect against rough handling.
  • Cushioning: Surround your Airwrap with soft clothing or bubble wrap for additional cushioning.
  • Central Positioning: Position the Airwrap in the center of your suitcase away from the sides to reduce the risk of damage from impacts.
  • Attachment Safety: Store the Airwrap attachments in a separate pouch or wrap them individually to prevent scratches and damage.
  • Avoid Overpacking: Do not overpack your luggage; too much pressure on your Airwrap could potentially cause harm.
  • Tag as Fragile: Consider adding a ‘Fragile’ tag to your suitcase to encourage more careful handling by airport staff.

General Tips for Both Carry-On and Hold Luggage

No matter how you decide to pack your Airwrap, here are some general tips:

  • Detach Accessories: Before packing, detach all the accessories from the main unit to prevent them from being switched on accidentally.
  • Check Weight: Be mindful of your luggage weight to avoid additional charges and ensure it’s easy to carry.
  • Documentation: Have your warranty and purchase documentation stored in your luggage in case of any issues during your travels.
  • Security: Be prepared to explain what the device is during security checks, as its appearance on X-ray machines might raise questions.

By following these steps, you can rest assured that your Dyson Airwrap will arrive at your destination ready to use and in perfect condition.

Travel-Friendly Hair Styling Tools Similar to the Dyson Airwrap

When packing for a trip, alongside your Dyson Airwrap, consider bringing compact and dual-voltage hair styling tools that ensure you look your best on the go. A mini flat iron or travel-sized hair straightener can be a great alternative for quick touch-ups. For those who prefer curls or waves, a cordless curling iron or a portable curling wand with a protective glove can be a lifesaver. Don’t forget a foldable hair dryer with multiple heat settings, which can be a versatile addition to your travel kit. All these items are designed to be lightweight and space-saving, making them perfect for fitting into your carry-on luggage without sacrificing performance.

FAQ’s About Can You Bring Dyson Airwrap On A Plane?

Traveling with your favorite styling tools can be essential for maintaining your hair routine while away from home. The Dyson Airwrap is a popular hairstyling device that many travelers want to bring on their trips. Here’s a collection of frequently asked questions focusing on the regulations and considerations for carrying a Dyson Airwrap onto a plane, ensuring you’re fully prepared for a hassle-free journey.

Can I bring a Dyson Airwrap in my carry-on luggage?

Yes, you are allowed to bring a Dyson Airwrap in your carry-on luggage. As it’s an electronic device, it complies with TSA regulations for carry-on items.

Is the Dyson Airwrap allowed in checked baggage?

Yes, the Dyson Airwrap can also be placed in checked baggage, but it’s advisable to pack it securely to prevent any damage during transit.

Do I need to declare my Dyson Airwrap at security?

No, you do not need to declare it, but you may need to remove it from your bag for separate screening, like all electronic devices larger than a cell phone.

Will the Dyson Airwrap’s lithium-ion battery cause problems with airport security?

As the battery is not removable and is designed to be a part of the device, it should not pose any issues. However, it is always best to check with the airline for any specific battery restrictions.

Can the attachments of the Dyson Airwrap be packed separately from the device?

Yes, the attachments can be packed separately, but for convenience and organization, it might be better to keep them together.

Are there any size restrictions for bringing a Dyson Airwrap on a plane?

No specific size restrictions apply to the Dyson Airwrap, but your airline’s general size and weight limits for carry-on or checked luggage still apply.

Does the Dyson Airwrap need to be in its original packaging when brought on a plane?

It is not required to be in its original packaging. However, it’s a good idea to pack it securely to protect it during your travels.

Will using a Dyson Airwrap on a plane be a safety concern due to its heating elements?

Although it is safe to bring on board, it is unlikely that you will be permitted to use the Dyson Airwrap on the plane due to the potential safety hazards of using a high-wattage heat-producing device in flight.

If I’m traveling internationally, will the Dyson Airwrap meet the voltage requirements of my destination?

The Dyson Airwrap is equipped for dual voltage capability, making it suitable for use in most countries. However, you should verify the voltage requirements and plug types of your destination and bring appropriate adapters if necessary.

What precautions should I take when traveling with my Dyson Airwrap?

Ensure your Dyson Airwrap is turned off and properly cooled down before packing, use a protective case to prevent damage, and if traveling internationally, bring any needed power adapters.

Packing It All Up

In essence, taking your Dyson Airwrap on a plane is generally permissible whether packing it in checked luggage or carrying it on board. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not specifically restrict hair styling devices like the Airwrap, given that they do not contain hazardous materials. However, it’s important to adhere to the airline’s size and weight restrictions for carry-on and checked baggage, ensuring that your Airwrap fits within these guidelines to avoid any hassles during your journey.

Furthermore, when packing the Dyson Airwrap, it is crucial to secure it properly to prevent damage. Utilize the original case or a protective bag to cushion the device amidst other items in your luggage. Always remember to empty the water from the Airwrap if it has been used, since excess liquid can be an issue during security screenings. Keeping an eye on the airline’s power limitations for in-flight use is also advisable, though it’s a rare practice to use such a device onboard. In conclusion, with a little preparation and attention to the rules, your Dyson Airwrap can travel the skies with you, ensuring you look your best wherever you land.