Things to do in Liverpool

things to do in liverpool

Looking for things to do in Liverpool today, this week or during the holidays?  Great news, you are in the right place as we have all of the best attractions and events to keep you and your family entertained.

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Things to do in Liverpool

Liverpool is a premier tourist destination known for its history, sports teams, buzzing nightlife, and of course, the Beatles. It’s a large city that embraces these qualities and is proud of them. Most importantly for travellers to Liverpool, the locals embrace the tourism industry with open arms. A 2014 poll by traveling magazine Rough Guide concluded Liverpool was one of the city’s most welcoming to traveler. And in 2015, a YouGov poll pegged Liverpool as the friendliest city in the U.K.

Liverpool is also known for its world-class museums, owning the largest national museum collection that is found outside of London. These museums do a great job of showcasing the history of this region, which dates back hundreds of years. There are also museums with extensive international galleries.

A trip to Liverpool means a huge selection of places to explore and fun things to do during the day and night. If you’re planning your own trip to Liverpool, read on to see recommendations for shopping, nightlife, and attractions.

Shopping in Liverpool

While Liverpool may not have the reputation as a fashion hub like some other cities in the U.K., there’s no shortage of diverse and accommodating shopping centres available if you’re seeking retail therapy.

met quarter shopping


Metquarter is Liverpool’s newest shopping centre and is easily accessed by all main types of public transport. Currently, Metquarter is home to over 45 well known and popular brands. Some of these brands include Armani, Hugo Boss, MAC, and Jo Malone London. The food options include multiple cafes and restaurants. Metquarter is also home to various pop-up stores, so check their website to see what’s on currently.

Liverpool ONE

liverpool one shoppingLiverpool ONE provides shopping, food, entertainment and fun all in one package. It’s home to over 150 stores as well as restaurants and bars. Liverpool ONE is home to the largest selection of clothing stores in the city, with stores selling everything from street fashion to expensive designer brands. Footie fan? There’s exclusive Liverpool FC and Everton Two shops. If you’re shopping with children, they will most certainly enjoy the Disney and LEGO stores.

What’s on in Liverpool tonight?

Liverpool is a great city if you enjoy the nightlife. From pubs to nightclubs, to a bustling LGBT quarter, there’s a welcoming spot for any and everyone seeking a fun night on the town.

Cavern Club

cavern club liverpoolThis club is a top tourist destination in Liverpool because it is where the Beatles started breaking ground in the 1960s. Nowadays, it is a pub and live music lounge, seeking to serve great drinks and live music on a nightly basis seven days a week. The club features a broad range of acts, from cover bands to local up-and-comers. The vaulted brick ceiling provides an intimate feeling and a connection to the era where the Cavern Club formed its roots. To see a list of local acts and to pre-order your entrance tickets to the club, check out the Cavern Club website.

Ma Egerton’s Stage Door

Ma Egerton stage door liverpoolFor a cozy, authentic pub experience, Ma Egerton’s Stage Door can’t be beaten. The venue is clean, the staff is friendly, and the drinks are strong. The walls are ordained with pictures of the many celebrities who have stopped by for a drink here over the years. It’s in a good location, located next door to the famous Empire Theatre. One little-known secret of Ma Egerton’s Stage Door is their delicious food. The cuisine here is not your average pub food. Locals will tell you that they have the best pizza in Liverpool! If you’re in the area or are attending a show at the Empire Theatre, make sure you stop in here for a pint or two.

What to do in Liverpool

Here are a few of the fun things to do while visiting Liverpool.

World Museum

A visit to the World Museum lets you experience ancient civilisations, far away galaxies, and some of the most unique and interesting animals on the planet. The ‘Ancient World’ gallery highlights the rise and fall of the Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilisations. There’s also the Natural History Centre, which showcases fossils and artefacts from extinct animals and people of all time periods.

world museum

After checking out some of the Earth’s history, you can head to the World Museum Planetarium, where you’ll learn about the moon, lunar phases, and eclipses. This display is interactive and educational, and it’s not hard to feel like a kid while looking up at the thousands of simulated stars and planets. There are multiple informational tours for each of the Museum’s galleries if you want to take advantage of them.

Magical Mystery Tour

magical mystery tourA trip to Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without the Beatles, would it? The Magical Mystery Tour is a two-hour long bus tour that showcases the most popular locations associated with the legendary rock band. You’ll see where the Fab Four grew up, met, and formed the most famous band of all time. Places like Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, inspirations for two of the band’s big hits, are included in this tour. The tour guides are very knowledgeable about The Beatles, so even serious fans will leave this tour having learned something new. Of course, check out the website for tour start times and ticketing information.

Liverpool Cathedral

liverpool cathedralThe Liverpool Cathedral is one of the most beautiful and amazing displays of architecture found in all of the U.K. The grounds and peaceful and serene, so a trip to the Cathedral is a nice change of pace from the bustling city. A trip to the top of the Tower will allow for breathtaking views of Liverpool and the surrounding area. The beauty is inside and out, epitomised by the hundreds of panels of stained glass.

Visiting Liverpool

All told, Liverpool has all of the qualities you look for in a place to visit. There’s a great variety of fun things to do during the day time. Great history, nightlife, and entertainment are the calling cards of this warm and welcoming city. If you haven’t been to Liverpool, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing.

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