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Corralejo Green Market

02dec10:00 am2:00 pmCorralejo Green MarketCorralejo Markets

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Corralejo Green Market

The Corralejo Green Market, often hosted in the El Campanario Shopping Centre in Corralejo, is a vibrant and eco-conscious market. While specific details can vary over time, here are some typical characteristics of such markets:

  1. Local Produce and Organic Goods: The market usually focuses on offering a range of fresh, locally-sourced produce and organic goods. This might include fruits, vegetables, homemade bread, dairy products, and more, emphasizing quality and sustainability.
  2. Artisanal Products: In addition to food items, the market often features artisanal goods, which can range from handmade crafts to local artworks. These products often reflect the culture and craftsmanship of the region.
  3. Eco-Friendly Focus: True to its name, the Green Market typically prioritizes eco-friendliness. This may manifest in the use of sustainable materials, promotion of recycling, and the sale of products that are environmentally responsible.
  4. Community Atmosphere: Such markets are not just shopping venues; they’re community gatherings. They provide an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to meet, interact, and engage with local vendors and artisans.
  5. Entertainment and Dining Options: Beyond shopping, the market often offers entertainment, such as live music or performances, as well as dining options. These can include local restaurants and cafes, offering a taste of the local cuisine.


(Saturday) 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Villa Comercial El Campanario

C. Hibisco, nº 1, 35660,